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Danny Fox is a London-based painter, poet and musician, originally from St Ives, Cornwall. His exhibitions, Song for Someone Else, Young British Alcoholics, and this summer’s Bloom, have over the years brought him a cult following. His two poetry collections, White Cake and Palms, will be published by 3:AM Press in 2014. Read more about his work here and here. 


Author of poetry collection Tesla’s Ghost (Blackheath Books), a book on Serge Gainsbourg for Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series, Histoire de Melody Nelson (2013)as well as forthcoming books Jack Kerouac (Reaktion Books, 2014) and Imaginary Cities (Influx Press, 2014), Darran Anderson is multi-talented, well read and well-versed in songs of revolution and melancholy. His short story for 3:AM Press, A Hubristic Flea, is an excerpt from his longer book, The Torrid Zone, which he has announced to be “unpublishable”.  Anderson is from Derry, where he edits The Honest Ulsterman, and can also be found in Paris. Read all about him here. 


Benjamin Myers is the author of Pig Iron (winner of the Gordon Burn Prize, 2013, and runner up in The Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize in the same year) as well as The Book of Fuck (Wrecking Ball Press, 2004) and Richard: A Novel (Picador, 2010). He has written for many publications including Melody Maker in the 1990s, New Statesman, Mojo, The Guardian, NME, The Quietus, 3:AM Magazine and Vice. His novella, Snorri & Frosti was published as an ebook by Galley Beggar Press, while the paperback version is published by 3:AM Press. Benjamin lives in West Yorkshire.  


Joanna Walsh is a writer and artist. Her short story, Hauptbahnhof, is published as a chapbook, and in our anthology, Par Avion. And her collection of short stories, Fractals, was published in 2013. Her website is here.


London-born, Ireland-raised and Paris-based, Gerry is the author of “Fever” (Parthian Books) as well as the UK, Ireland and Media Editor of Courier International in France. His story, “Gunk” is out in 2014. 


Francine’s poems have been published in The Best British Poetry 2013 (Salt), Clinic, 3:AM Magazine, Poems in Which, and The Quietus. Her chapbook of three short stories, Christmas Lantern, was published by 3:AM Press in December 2013. 


Yrsa Daley-Ward is a model, actor and writer of mixed West Indian and West African heritage. Born to a Jamaican mother and a Nigerian father, Yrsa was raised by her devout Seventh Day Adventist grandparents in the small town of Chorley in the North of England. Yrsa interweaves experience with each influence to fuse poetry with theatre, music and storytelling. Her collection of short stories, On Snakes and Other Stories will be published by 3:AM Press in early 2013. 


Christiana’s third book, Death of a Ladies’ Man, was published by 3:AM Press in Autumn 2012, having previously been serialized in 3:AM Magazine in Spring / Summer 2012 by Andrew Gallix. Christiana is also the author of The Wrecking Ball (Beautiful Books UK, and Harper Perennial USA, 2008) and graphic novel, The Socialite Manifesto (Beautiful Books, 2009), and writes for Studio International, the Quietus and Art Wednesday on art, literature and politics. Her fourth book, The Drone Age - an illustrated book - will be published by 3:AM Press in 2014. 


Lee’s debut collection of poetry Varroa Destructor, will be published by 3:AM Press in early 2013. Lee is also the author of short story collection Everyday and novel The Canal, as well as publishing stories and poetry in various anthologies and journals (including, of course, 3:AM). He is based in London. 


Dylan is the author of Body Parts, which 3:AM Press is published in Autumn 2012. Previously, he has published, The Memory of Place: A Phenomenology of the Uncanny [Ohio University Press, 2012] and The Aesthetics of Decay: Nothingness, Nostalgia and the Absence of Reason. [Peter Lang 2006]. He is a CNRS / Volkwagen Stiftung post-doctoral researcher at Les Archives Husserl, École Normale Supérieure, working in conjunction with Dorothée Legrand. He lives in Paris. 


Joseph Ridgwell was born in the East End of London and travelled the world, before settling most recently in Edinburgh. He is the author of The Tsanta Expediion, The Buddha Bar, Indonesia, Oswald’s Apartment and Other Stories, Honduras, and four poetry collections: Fire Island, Lost Elation, Load the Guns and Where are the Rebels? We published his short story, The Famous Ice-Cream Run, as part of the anthology, Par Avion, and as one of our limited edition chapbooks. 


Adam is the author of Grey Cats, which was runner-up in the inaugural Paris Literary Prize in 2011, and published by 3:AM Press in Autumn 2012. His short stories, poetry and translations have been published in journals including, 3AM, Vestoj, Her Royal Majesty and Chimera, as well as being displayed in the Palais de Tokyo. In May 2012, his ficto-essay The Deep was published in a stand-alone bilingual edition by Editions de la Houle, a new Belgian house. Adam is currently working on his next book, provisionally titled Feeding Time.